I am a writing student at the amazing Santa Fe Community College (NM).

My Sony CyberShot goes everywhere with me.  The pictures practically take themselves.


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  1. Hi Susan, I’m enjoying your photos and poetry very much. I found you because I was looking into moving to Eldorado and I read your kind thoughts about a pet duck and the Chicken Wars. I am stepping back from Eldorado. I would rather move to a community where the people don’t look for problems in their neighbor’s back yards. I am stunned that the association would sue it’s residents over their chickens. I have no interest in chickens, but what if I decide to have a party? Will I be sued? Or maybe I’ll want to paint my front door orange. Is that acceptable? In my current location we have no disputes and I live in a townhouse. I can’t even imagine what kind of people can’t get along with all that acreage between them. Wishing you all the very best. – Edie Layland


    • Thank you Edie! I enjoyed looking at your portraits of children as well. It’s unfortunate what we are going through here in Eldorado. It’s gotten more and more stringent since I moved here 12 years ago. I’m glad you found a peaceful place. Did you check out Santa Fe?


      • Hi Susan. What lovely words and images you produce. I happened upon your blog url upon seeing your ‘duck-love’ message on Eldorado Daily after I read Gershon’s commentary on “fiduciary duty’ there. Then I remembered we met at the last Eldorado Annual Meeting after you and several other members offered eloquent pleas for the board to stop its destructive actions. I was a bit surprised, since I had been working with the defendants and others supporting them and had never met any of those who spoke up. I think I remember [my memory tends to lack detail] asking you for your email or phone number as a possible supporter [I’ll check my contacts list later]. So, your commentator, Edie Layland, confirms what a realtor friend told me: people are being turned off by Eldorado, not because of a few pet hens but because of a board with a ‘corporate’ anti-empathetic view and even authoritarian attitude toward their members rather than compassionate community perspective. Well, I won’t ramble on; just wanted to say, thanks for the support for community. ~ Bob Christie, Hensforth!


      • Thanks for your kind words, Bob! I do remember meeting you at the annual meeting. I really look forward
        to this issue being resolved and hope that we have some good candidates for the next election.


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