Sestina: Right Now is a Season


white stars on a horizon of blue

snow announces it’s presence

in the yawning shadow of a mountain

my mind chews on lingering seeds

left over from a different season

church bells guide me, look for the light


as I lift my head, there is no light

the sun a blip on a sky void of blue

in this moment of many seasons

gray is the only one present

chaos of creation encompassed in seeds

dirt made manifest, murky mountains


I hope one day to climb those mountains

arms wide open, try to catch that light

let my spirit go to seed

the sky be my vast ocean blue

bathe in light’s holy presence

dare to reveal my season


right now is a season

for terra-cotta cloaked mountains

and dusty beasts revealing the presence

of air given form, dancing with light

for a moment masking the blue

jarring loose dreaming seeds




catching in nooks waiting for seeds

lucky enough to have their season

horizon’s hues, the purple and blue

of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

in the shade of the fading light

I can not deny their presence


right now is the undeniable presence

of stories hiding in hearty seeds

nurture dreams unready for light

until it is their season

when through the clouds a patch of blue

emerges over the mountains


turquoise vein’s shocking blue presence

creeps through mountainsides full of seed,

this season of solar-flare-northern-lights

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